Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Hunger games chapter two review


For those who don’t know, I am doing by chapter-by-chapter reviews of the hunger games book. You’ve had chapter one from me, now here comes two…

But before we start I would just like to clear a few things up.

  • As I am reviewing the chapters there are going to be lots and lots of spoilers. You have been warned
  • I am going to find things I don’t like about these books and naturally I am going to criticise them. Personally I like the books, but I’m not going to be writing all smiles and rainbows.
  • I will be joking around in a lot of places and will be including pictures, links and videos to things that may not be relevant, and the occasional Tom Hiddleston or my little pony picture. You are on tumblr, get used to it.

Ok then, back to the review. Last time we left Katniss and co. her little sister had just been picked as a tribute in the hunger games and left us on a cliffhanger. Let’s find out what happens…

But wait, what’s this? It’s chapter two and we aren’t at the reaping any more, Katniss seems to be sharing one of her memories with us. Oh wait, she’s just struggling to breath and register what’s happened. Poor Prim is only twelve and the crowd doesn’t like this either. Naturally, Katniss volunteers instead.

And now the plot begins.

After the shock of her volunteering she heads up to the stage and Effie Trinket gives some more forced merriment and some verbal gems.

I bet my buttons that was your sister.”

I just love that phrase; it’s just so twee! I’m going to use it in conversations with people and watch their reactions. 
Anyway nobody claps, instead everybody salutes her to send her off and as a sign of admiration. This is one of those wonderful heartwarming moments that are scattered through these books.
And then Haymitch gives a mini drunken speech and takes her spotlight away, which she’s glad about. After Katniss composes herself it’s time to draw the next name.

Effie picks it out and, drumroll please…

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce the man who needs no introduction, the utterly badass, completely fearless, the second half of the legendery toast pairing…

Peeta Mellark!

This guy is awesome! No I don’t have a crush on him!

Oh no, I think. Not him
What are you going to do Katniss? Volunteer for him?

“No, the odds are not in my favour today.”

I don’t think they’re in his favour either. It might have been hard to spot, but he also kind of has to do the whole kill or be killed thing. Katniss now tells us of the one encounter she had with Peeta, where her family was starving after her dad died and Peeta threw her some bread in the rain so she’d have something to eat. Peeta earned a black eye from his mother for what he did, which kind of foreshadows his character’s relationship with katniss. Also, this scene spawned a fountain of memes. Here, have a picture:

Anyway Katniss feels bad because she never thanked him and now she’s got to kill him. Always the optimist, that’s Katniss.

She then reminds herself that someone else will probably kill him.

He’s your romantic interest Katniss, odds are, he’s going to be fine.

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